20 August 2006


As you can see, we went on a roadtrip trough Östergöttland today. the day started off rather dim and gray, but we went for it anyway (took our raincoats, just in case). Just one hour after we left, it cleared up and it ended up a really bright and sunny day. The trip took us first to Söderköpping, a very pitoresque little city with cute pastel-coloured houses and a broad channel that leads to the sea. The city is flanked by a tall rock, where you can do hikes (which we couldn't because of David's leg). There's about 12000 inhabitants in Söderköpping and, juging by our little walk through town, just as many churches. It's just 18 kilometers away from Nörrköpping (where we live).
We continued our trip taking the 210 east. We had a picnic in the woods along the road. We had our first glance at the sea in St. Anna . Although that part of Sweden is flanked by the sea at two sides, it's fairly green and there's a lot of farmland along the road. The sea isn't such a big attraction here, the big "touristical" spots are mainly for boating. I say "touristical" because this isn't a very touristic region at all. There are some camping areas along the 210, but there are few foreigners in the region.
We turned back via Söderköpping again, to stop and have an icecream at it's infamous Glassrestaurang, where I got a lot more than I could handle.