04 October 2009

Dinner party menu

We had some people over yesterday for dinner, here's the menu:

Fried shrimp with lemon and stuffed tomato
Fish 'en papillote' with white wine, served with a blue chees 'gratin dauphinois'

Little babysitter

Aini spoonfeeding her little friend at last night's dinner party

Swimsuit edition

Too cute in the little swimsuit she got from Nunna at the Côte d'Azur


Some guys passed by this week trying to sell this little Crocodile they found in the Dodo, the river that crosses our plantation.

Sunday at Dawa

We had this beautiful beach all to ourselves!

Aini ate all of Françoises fruit salad! She's such an ogre!

Aini and Leila have become good friends over the past couple weeks. They actually start playing together, so cute!
A little peek of the 'hotel' in Dawa where we past that sunday. It's more of a ruin, the drinks are hot, so like regular Dutchmen, we arrive packed with our 'frigobox'. The advantage of going there is that there's some shade and you can get a chair.

Catch of the day: Françoises batch of Langouste

Enzo. Aini's little friend. THough he won't be little for long. He's a Beauceron and belongs to Françoise and Thierry.

Big love

Plantation life

Aini's favorite place

Some more home deco pics