30 August 2009

Sleep tight

Cuty fell asleep while eating again

Home and garden improvements

The guest bedroom with the new headboard and wall colour. Now it still needs some curtains (coming tonight) and a book cupboard.
our bedroom with new wallcolour, freshly painted furniture (they used to be cream) and newly uphulstered chairs

OPur hallway, thusfar the only area of the house that is completely renovated.

Aini's room, new wall colour and new curtains since yesterday... Our tailor did a real good job on these.

Replanting our brocoli. After his first planting experience, hubby has decided that gardening isn't really his thing (hard work and all) so I think I'll be doing the planting during the week from nopw on.

Our peas are coming out nicely.

New furniture paint and wall colour for the living room. I've also found the nmost wonderful fabric for my curtains at 38 euro for the 30 meters I needed, a real bargain. As soon as they get sewn, I'll put up some more pics.
I've also finished reuphulstering the chairs on the porch, but there's still quite some furniture reappointment to be done, and right now we're still debating with the carpenter, because he's really expensive!

Lunch at La Canelle

We have found a new favorite restaurant in San Pedro. It's a hotel and restaurant at the beach called La Canelle. You have tio be patient, but food is really great. We had Merou with green pepper sauce and it was really delicious. You're really feet in the sand to eat and Aini played quietly in the sand for three hours.

Real African baby

Aini was real exited when she could help Maryam making sauce graine. Wasn't really our cup of tea though... Not a lot of flavour. Aini did like the futu.

dinner party menu

To get the saliva going!!! Yesterday nights dinner menu (we had David's boss over)

Kroepoek (Yihaa, something we hadn't had in a while! a little treasure we found in the new shop in San Pedro)
Cold avocado and cucumber soup with crab, coriander and croutons
Marinated cote à l'os with grilled pumpkin, french fries and garden salad
Creamy chocolate pie

16 August 2009

a thousand steps

We went for a little walk yesterday. Our sweety had a lot of fun playing in the puddles of lmud, running around, meeting other kids.

15 August 2009

Our little house... a work in progress

Aini and Maryam
Our hallway in its new colour (don't worry, that's just the first layer!!!)

New colour in the showerroom

Me at La Langouste in San Pedro

So yes, we're fixing the house... We're Belgian after all! So far the hallway, the guest bedroom, the two bathrooms and the guest bedroom have been done. We have yet to start the living room and some ceilings that had needed replacing because of those darn termites. Then we'll go on to repainting furniture, giving some furniture a makeover (new cushions for the coach, a new headboard for our bed, changing a single bed into a sofa etc), new curtains, etc. I wanted to have the guestroom finished for the stay of my parents in November, but as it turns out, they won't be coming due to the upcoming elections.

San Pedro Boom

My dear hubby has to blow up a hill for his workie (yes, he is very excited about that... men are very strange). The above picture shows the infamous hill (but it's more impressing in real life).

La fête nationale

On the 7th, two days after we arrived back in Ivory Coast, it was national holiday. We had to go to a soccer game (we did manage to sneak out after three quarters, because it was getting dark and our dear daughter got hungry and bored). Local entertainment
the women's league

The guards' parade