30 August 2009

Home and garden improvements

The guest bedroom with the new headboard and wall colour. Now it still needs some curtains (coming tonight) and a book cupboard.
our bedroom with new wallcolour, freshly painted furniture (they used to be cream) and newly uphulstered chairs

OPur hallway, thusfar the only area of the house that is completely renovated.

Aini's room, new wall colour and new curtains since yesterday... Our tailor did a real good job on these.

Replanting our brocoli. After his first planting experience, hubby has decided that gardening isn't really his thing (hard work and all) so I think I'll be doing the planting during the week from nopw on.

Our peas are coming out nicely.

New furniture paint and wall colour for the living room. I've also found the nmost wonderful fabric for my curtains at 38 euro for the 30 meters I needed, a real bargain. As soon as they get sewn, I'll put up some more pics.
I've also finished reuphulstering the chairs on the porch, but there's still quite some furniture reappointment to be done, and right now we're still debating with the carpenter, because he's really expensive!