25 October 2007


So since my policy is for every comment one post, there we go...
David is kind of finished doing the biodiesel here, so we're on to another project. Starting next februari, he'll be building a new factory (in the middle of the jungle, so we're talking about starting from the ground up). This means we'll be moving to another plantation, but we're staying in Cameroon. It's actually just an hour drive from here. The fun thing about that plantation is that there are a lot more expats than here, so there's a bit motre of a social life.
If all goes well, it ll be a two year project. He's very excited, offcourse, because it's a cool thing to do, certainly at his age.
So naturally I am looking forward to moving out and we would like to move sooner if possible. I'm a bit sad that we're not moving to another country, but in the end, we're quite ok here and it spares us from the awkward 'get to know the place'-feeling. Moreover it gives us some more time to see the country, because so far we haven't been visiting a lot. Frankly, we've only seen Kribi and Douala, but there's so much more out there!

17 October 2007


Ok, since I had one comment you are entitled to one anekdote.
I'm not sure if I already talked about my new Kamerounian friend. She's called Eleanore and she lives here in Edea. It s a very lively woman, full of projects, so I'm sure we'll have lots of fun in the near future. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. Since I only want to write one anekdote, let me tell you a funny one.
Last weekend, we were eating at the restaurant in Edea (delicious shrimps... we can't get enough of them) and she walked in. She saw us and came to our table to say hi. She said she was meeting her brother there, so very quickly she was of, only to steal a shrimp from our plate... and without even asking or mentioning it!
As you can believe we were astounished... so we started thinking. Eleanore is a well educated woman, so we assumed that she didn't mean to be impolite. So we figure that's a normal thing to do here.
And as we thought about it even more, we remembered one time we had made some christophines at home, and one of the camerounian managers was at our place. We asked him if he knew the vegetable, and as an answer he took our serving spoon and just ate of our dish...
But that's not all! When David was at the hospital, one day I brought him a pizza, the nurse came in and saw that pizza. 'can I taste', she said. Off course we said yes, omnly to find her walking of with a quarter of my sick husband's food.
So if you catch us eating of your plate next time... Hey! It's the camerounian way!!!

10 October 2007


Dearest readers,

Even though there s a lot going on in our little Camerounian life, I'm not very tempted to write any more, since I hardly get any comments. You'd start to wonder why you're writing in the first place. I hope you all can understand that it's not motivating to write if you don't get any feedback. So out of protest I'm going on strike untill I get enough investment back from your side.

01 October 2007

Communicating again

After a long time of non-communication, I m back. It s been a hectic few weeks. David
's been in the hospital with malaria for two days (apparently Lariam doesn't protect you all that well with these mosquitoes from hell), so I had to bring him food. As a European you cannot imagine that they don t feed you in a hospital. So when you don't have any family, you starve (and i m talking about a private clinic, not the public one!).
David has been really busy and is looking towards a really full schedule. I m keeping busy quite well these last couple of weeks, fixing up the house, sewing some clothes, occasionally spending time with Adel... I've got a new little assignment from David's boss making another movie, which I'm looking forward to. And this week I'm sending my first little package to Belgium... May the exporting commence!
Adel askt me to come to Ghana with her at the end of the month, but it's so expensive (the flights between african countries), it's almost cheaper to fly to Ghana when you fly to Europe first, can you imagine?