06 November 2006

Why there's not a lot of Blogging goin' on
It's really hard to keep up blogging now we're back in Belgium, even though there's not much else for me to do. Mayba that is the actual reason: nothing happens, so I can't write anything. I thought coming back will give me all sorts of things to do, but that isn't true at all. I believe it is even worse than in Sweden.
But I do have some little things to tell today. In january, we will be going on honeymoon to Thailand. We will spend three nights in Bangkok and eleven on Koh Samui. I can't wait!!!

Last wednesday we went to the movies in Ostend. When we came out, a woman approached us.
"Could you spare me a moment?", she asked us. We nodded. "Are you a couple?" was her next question. Our answer was again positive.
"You might already know where I'm trying to get at" (to be honest, we didn't have any idea, we were thinking all kinds of other things than what we would say next.) "I work with a production company," she said, "and we are looking for couples for 'Temptation Island'. Would you guys be interested?" Off course we said no way, but it was quite funny. Especially because when we first got married, at the community they also asked us if VTM could come and film our wedding.
Maybe we should start considering a carreer in reality TV.