01 October 2007

Communicating again

After a long time of non-communication, I m back. It s been a hectic few weeks. David
's been in the hospital with malaria for two days (apparently Lariam doesn't protect you all that well with these mosquitoes from hell), so I had to bring him food. As a European you cannot imagine that they don t feed you in a hospital. So when you don't have any family, you starve (and i m talking about a private clinic, not the public one!).
David has been really busy and is looking towards a really full schedule. I m keeping busy quite well these last couple of weeks, fixing up the house, sewing some clothes, occasionally spending time with Adel... I've got a new little assignment from David's boss making another movie, which I'm looking forward to. And this week I'm sending my first little package to Belgium... May the exporting commence!
Adel askt me to come to Ghana with her at the end of the month, but it's so expensive (the flights between african countries), it's almost cheaper to fly to Ghana when you fly to Europe first, can you imagine?

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