25 October 2007


So since my policy is for every comment one post, there we go...
David is kind of finished doing the biodiesel here, so we're on to another project. Starting next februari, he'll be building a new factory (in the middle of the jungle, so we're talking about starting from the ground up). This means we'll be moving to another plantation, but we're staying in Cameroon. It's actually just an hour drive from here. The fun thing about that plantation is that there are a lot more expats than here, so there's a bit motre of a social life.
If all goes well, it ll be a two year project. He's very excited, offcourse, because it's a cool thing to do, certainly at his age.
So naturally I am looking forward to moving out and we would like to move sooner if possible. I'm a bit sad that we're not moving to another country, but in the end, we're quite ok here and it spares us from the awkward 'get to know the place'-feeling. Moreover it gives us some more time to see the country, because so far we haven't been visiting a lot. Frankly, we've only seen Kribi and Douala, but there's so much more out there!