10 October 2007


Dearest readers,

Even though there s a lot going on in our little Camerounian life, I'm not very tempted to write any more, since I hardly get any comments. You'd start to wonder why you're writing in the first place. I hope you all can understand that it's not motivating to write if you don't get any feedback. So out of protest I'm going on strike untill I get enough investment back from your side.


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Heb jij wel stakeingsrecht? Ik zou het heel erg vinden als je niets meer op je blog zet.Het eerte wat ik doe is elke morgen checken of er iets bijgepend is. Je vrienden lezen je blog wel, maar hebben misschien gewoon geen inspiratie om iets te antwoorden. Afin je zet maar. Ik kan je toch blijven mailen, maar ik vind je blog wel heel leuk.

  2. You write good posts. Its interesting to read.

    Probably the reason you dont get much comments is, your blogs are more of descriptive type which generally do not motivate people to write comment. Overall very good blog posts - keep writing.

    Best regards,
    Ashish - from India.