15 August 2009

Our little house... a work in progress

Aini and Maryam
Our hallway in its new colour (don't worry, that's just the first layer!!!)

New colour in the showerroom

Me at La Langouste in San Pedro

So yes, we're fixing the house... We're Belgian after all! So far the hallway, the guest bedroom, the two bathrooms and the guest bedroom have been done. We have yet to start the living room and some ceilings that had needed replacing because of those darn termites. Then we'll go on to repainting furniture, giving some furniture a makeover (new cushions for the coach, a new headboard for our bed, changing a single bed into a sofa etc), new curtains, etc. I wanted to have the guestroom finished for the stay of my parents in November, but as it turns out, they won't be coming due to the upcoming elections.


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Lauke, the pictures are great, so cute to see Aini walking alone.I so sincerely regret we cannot come due to this damm elections. Hope we can in january or fevruary. Your house looks nice with the restyling.I was so looking forward to have a great meal at the "Langouste".snifsnif