09 August 2006

I haven't written anything in a while, because for the first time ever since we got here, we had a weekend for ourselves. Seen the growing clothing shortage, we went shopping and to my great surprise even found some things.
We also went to what is apparently a traditional Swedish party, on Saturday. It's called a Kräftfest and basically, people come together to eat crayfish and sing songs and have a big community party. As all things in Sweden, this again was a hidden opportunity for them to drink a lot of booze. We didn't drink quite that much, but we had a very good time indeed.

Here's a picture of where we were sitting. At the front left is Olivier, then you've got Adam looking quite interested, and still sober (between them is Nils, but you can't see him properly). From the righthandside there's Johan (orange shirt), Christian and David (who is the boss of the company).
Another funny anecdote on this party is that we were invited by David (the boss) and he told us that we had to bring our own crayfish (and of course our own drinks). We've spend two days to figure out what the hell he ment by crayfish, and we finally turned out uying Turkish crayfish in the shop. We thought that they would be barbecued at the party and were convinced that we needed fresh uncooked ones. When we came at David's place they told us that there would be no barbeque of any kind... So we started panicking. All ends well, since the crayfish we bought turned out to be cooked anyway.

I'm trying to post a few more pictures today, since I didn't put any in in my former posts. Here you've got David and Adam.

The fun thing about the party is that it took place in the middle of nowhere, in the woods, next to a lake. Mosquitobites included of course.

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