14 August 2006

On Thursday, I saw what was to me the most multicultural soccer game I have seen in my life. Now, I must mention that I haven’t seen much (a fact on which I am extremely proud). The guys from the company were lured into a match by the local restaurant. If we would win, we’d all get a free lunch. If they’d win, they would all get an ice-cream. So you can imagine the stakes were high.
Now, the team we played against were Arabs who own a Greek restaurant, with an Italian name, where they serve Mexican food. Our team was constituted of Polish, Belgian, Dutch and Swedish people. On the field English, Dutch, Arab, Swedish and French snares were interchanged.
My dear little hubby, who’s somewhat a virgin in the soccer department came up with entirely new tactics, which I think will soon be picked up by professionals.
Move one is the al elegant jump-around-the-ball. A very psychological move where you make the other player believe that you’re going to intercept the ball, but instead, you jump around it in a pirouette, ballet-style.
The second move is mainly for the beginner: if you can’t intercept the ball, or kick it with you feet, throw yourself at it. It’s a bedazzling, but very effective strategy.
Another strategy that was frequently displayed by David’s team mates is the grease-move: corrupt your contesters mind by making seventies moves while kicking the ball. The other player will be so confused that he forgets to follow the ball.