03 August 2006

I just want to give a quick overview of what David's boss told us yesterday at dinner about the fun things I will be able to do in Cameroon. There's a company plane, but I can only fly it if I pass my permit in Belgium (I say I beacause David will not have the time to do this when we're back in Belgium). The plane is owned by an old, Robert Redfort type man who likes women a lot, so Sven (the boss) told me it wouldn't be a problem for me to fly in it once I get the permit.
There's also a lot of wavesurfing, but again, you should take lessons somewhere else, because that is rather touristical there, so quite expensive. (I think I will be calling in my sweet brother for this). Futhermore it's a rather nice place for motorbiking, I replied that I didn't have a driver's licency. Anyway, you can buy it over there and exchange it here for a belgian one. He says it's really safe over there, because there's nobody on the road anyway.
Then he also told me taht if I realy got bored, I could go and teach at the international school (but it's grammarschool and I'm not sure I'll be having the time for that).