19 August 2006

Discovering Swedish medicine (part 2)

So we finally found a doctor on thuesday evening at five. It was in e general health care center (they don't have private doctors like in Belgium). The doctor came, David started explaining and showed his leg. The doctor took one lok at it and jumped back a meter. He started mumbling and twitching. He said he couldn't help us, that he'd only seen such a thing once in his life and that it had spread all over the patients body. He quickly wrote a letter for us to take to the hospital and kindly threw us out. (After we'd had to pay 159 euro for nothing! Apparently our worldwide insurance doesn't work in Sweden - and we have two of them - aparently Sweden is not part of the world?)
So we went to the hospital and there the fun really started. We first arrived at the wrong department of the hospital and were sent to the emergency room. Once there, the unfriendly secretary told us there was nothng they could do for us that they couldn't have done in the general health center. And any way, we would have to wait until midnight (still, there were only three or four people in the waiting room). Meanwhile David was getting more amd more ill, he had a fever and was very dizzy. I didn't feel good either and especially didn't feel like waiting 'til midnight. Luckily Kennert from the company had joined us (because none of the medical personnel nor the doctors spoke any English). He phoned the health center we'd been to first, to get them to call the secretary and explain that we had a serious situation. Then he went to the secretary/nurse alone to chat (I think he seduced her or something). Suddenly she would check what she could do and half an hour later we where taken in by a nurse who took David's temerature and some blood. She told us teh doctor would be there shortly.
The doctor was a big German man, named Franz Rommel. He took one look at David's leg and concluded it was a bacterial infection. He called in another nurse and they treated his leg.
When the doctor left to go and write a prescription, the nurse put a bandage around david's leg and all was done in about 20 minutes.
David got off the bed and wanted to put his pants back on, when the nurse started checking him out. "You look good", she said. Didn't she notice me? It's not like I look as if I could be his sister...
Anyway, we've been caring for David for a few days now and it gets better every day. He hasn't been to work two days, but now he's all better.