27 July 2006

Since we didn't have a lot of spare time this weekend, David has taken it slow the past few days at work. Therefor, we have been able to go to a lake in Aby in the evening on monday. The water was surprisingly warm (but it's also been around thirty degrees the past couple of days). There's a lot of lakes around here, since we're at the heart of the lake-country. Apparently some of you had the misconception that the lakes where in the northern part of Sweden.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but there’s this wonderful thing in Sweden called: free right of passage, which means that everybody can walk about everywhere (apparently also on private property), as long as you respect the owner and don’t damage or destroy anything. You can imagine how wonderful this must be for the passionate horse- or nature lover. So it happens that almost everybody here has a horse. And who can blame them with all this space lying about!

Another misconception a lot of people have is that Swedish people are blond. There are maybe a few more blond people here than in Belgium, but it's a dark blond. What's more surprising is that almost all Swedish people we've seen up until now have vivid blue eyes.

That's it for today, I guess.