28 July 2006

computers are the fasted way to suicide

Ok, this post might be a little boring, but I have to get it off my chest to avoid insanity! Let's see it as a therapeutical session!
As I've mentioned a couple of times I am making a movie to show David's work progress. So far no harm done. I started using Movie Maker for that purpose, but this seemed an unreliable program. First of all, it crashes once you have more than two minutes of film (!!), second of all, there's no way to mix the compelentary audio. So, as I had almost finished the video, and didn't feel like starting all over again, we saved the video and wanted to put on audio using another program (for example cakewalk). Since I was unable to find a usefull version of any audio mixing program, and since actually that would be taking a step back, we started searching another program to do both at the same time (audio mixing and video!). First of all I have tried four of these programs and none of them worked or did what they had to do, or they crashed, or whatever! Then we ran in to some more problems with audio formats being incompatible to the software. So we said: let's try to put it on mac and use the general movie editing software to do this all at once.
And now you would think that we found the pathway to succes... NO! The wmv file was also incompatible with mac. Now there's four of us going at it finding a way to finally gat that wretched movie over with! And it's not like we're computer analphabetics or anything.

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