29 July 2006

Hurrah for the first comment! I was already getting a bit depressed, wondering if anybody was actually reading all of this.

Some more info on Sweden for today. A lot of Swedish people have got tattoos... And if I say a lot I mean it. We're starting to wonder if this is a legacy from the Vikings or if people get free tattoos at birth. Secondly it never gets dark here... All night long there's this blueish light in the sky. It was rather hard to sleep through this the first days, but you get used to it rather quick. The sun gets up really early, too, in the morning, so we must check our alarmclock to be sure we're not getting out of bed at four in the morning.
I had packed for about tree weeks when I came here. Since we now will probably be staying here for almost tree months, I'm having some vestimenatry problems, so here are some tips for other girls packing their bags at this instant, or in the near future (only for destinations where the weather's ok!):
  1. Take two bikinis, preferably one who doesn't leave too many marks and one that is particulary good for swimming
  2. put a little handbag in your luggage, because it's not fun to always have to take your big travelbag along with you
  3. take paper handkerchiefs (I forgot this time, and itis something that always comes in handy)
  4. don't take to much stiff or dressed up clothing, you won't have so many opportunities to put them on, so one set will do
  5. accessorize: take a belt with you, some big necklace, two paires of earrings... this will get you a lot further with the comfy clothes you packed
  6. take two skirts. You might think you'd only need one, but it's hot and you can combine more with a skirt than with a dress. (I only took one and I'm running around in it half the time)
  7. take something practical to wear when you're on your own (I took a little stretchy dress - tennisstyle - and I put this on most of the time when I'm at home). This is also convenient when you're at a hotel, you can quickly throw it on and do your thing.

That's about it. If something else comes to my mind, I'll make sure to let you know... (I add this for myself too, so I can check next time what I forgot this time.)

Ik denk ni dat ik het filmke online ga zetten, aangezien het niet echt de bedoeling kan zijn dat iedereen zomaar op internet kan zien hoe je biodiesel maakt. Maar je krijgt het zeker wel s te zien hoor!

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