27 July 2006

It suddenly occured to me that i forgot to mention some things earlier on. On the backward habits of the Swedish: the trashcan also opens to the outside! So unlike in Belgium, you have to pull the metallic lid towards you, and then trow in your rubbish.
Misconceptions about Sweden: Many people think life is especially expensive here. This has proven to be incorrect. Housing prices are really cheap here, and the food is about the same price as in Belgium. Alcohol is expensive, though, because there's a big problem with people consuming too much of it. As going out is so expensive, people tend to either stay at home and drink, or get drunk before going to a pub.

Now onto another subject: I've discovered MovieMaker this week and have started on a film for my husbands company, where I explane the process of what he's doing. When he was in Indonesia, he already made a film about his work there, and he wished that I would do the same over here. It's quite fun to do, and if it wasn't such a shitty program, I'd like to make them just for fun. As MovieMaker crashes often, and I don't have a proper camera, this will be something to explore later. For now I'm sticking to fotography to entertain myself. The sky is particularly beautiful here for that purpose (yes, I admit, I've got a little obsession with that subject!). Here's an example to prove my point.