21 July 2006

And so we discover blog...
This was advised to me as a way to keep in touch with everyone as we travel over the globe.
We are currently in Sweden, I've been here for almost a week or so. Once the crappy ryanair plane took off at Charleroi-airport (which is curiosly called Brussels south), I realised that, when I'll be coming back next time to Belgium, it would only be as a tourist. Once I took off, and now we're both in the same place, we don't really live there any more. It's a strange feeling.
So what is there about Sweden... A lot!
First of all, Swedish people have a strange way of expressing themselves: instead of saying "Hello", they say "Hey hey!" and in return "hello" means goodbye here.

We haven"t really visited a great deal, since David has to work a lot to meet his goals. But we've been to Arkosund and saw the city center of Norrköping, which isn't a big deal. It's not pretty at all. It's situated at a stream, but the buildings around it are rather smudgy. There's a shopping street and shops are open all week - even on sundays. Foodstores are open untill 9 PM, which is a welcome difference from Belgium.
Arkosund is beautiful though. It's a coastal shore with rocky beaches and a lot of boats (as you can see in the added picture).
About the weather: it's a little fresher than it was in Belgium, but the sun is shining and it hasn't rained yet.