31 March 2010

7 reasons why I haven't been blogging as much as I should

  1. I'm very busy with other projects. Ok, admitted it's just one project, but t has been taking up most of my time and leaves me none for other things. If it makes you feel better, I'm also neglecting my sewing, making the photo ablums, ... pretty much everything I should get done. (Now I'm stressing myself out)
  2. The Hubby has been learning to fly with a paramotor, which is basically just a lawnmower engine and a parachute, so he has been very proud about that and it has been exiting, I admit, to go and check that out every so often.
  3. I have a very demanding daughter, and there are days she just doesn't want to go with our cook/nanny, so I end op playing with playdough and reading stories the entire day. Don't get me wrong, I equally love both, but it does keep me from blogging here.
  4. I'm trying to get back into sports. Bad excuse since I only started of yoga again yesterday and - since the smallish one was in the room while I was doing that - I ended the course halfway, because she had smeared shea butter all over herself, and me, and was demanding a massage.
  5. I've also been running errands a lot lately. Going to San Pedro and to Grand Bereby to replenish our food stocks that were getting low.
  6. Then aside all that I do try to be social - I mean off the internet in the real world, remember what that's like? - every so often.
  7. Sometimes I do have to take care of the Hubby a little bit too. He also got the thing I was sick with a couple weeks ago, so I had to nurse him a lot lately... And you know how men are when they get sick so, basically that's already a full time job for ya