15 March 2010

News from the trenches

By trenches I mean sandy beaches with coconut palms, of course.

So I'm in bed sick with not-malaria. I hope this not-malaria will pass soon, but at least it gives me a stolen moment to blog a little.

It's supposed to be the dry season over here, but it's been raining at least two days a week now... People are really puzzled. Ever since we moved to Africa, it seems as though the seasons are playing tricks on people. With the no-rain year at Ferme Suisse and the six months neverending-rainy season at Mbongo, I think we'll have had it all... It has quite harsh repercussions for crops, this unpredictable weather.

Our gardener has stepped into a spell and ever since he has these weird lesions on his legs. He hasn't been able to come to work. I just hope he'll be ok. Eventhough they all adhere to some religion or other, they're all still animists to the core.


  1. Hi Laura, Get well soon.

    I could not get wikipedia page for "Mbongo" City when I google it, neither could I get any map. But if like India this place is also near equator then, even I have obverved that in past few years Indian seasons have really changed. Earlier rain was something that only happens in mansoon. Now a days it happens anytime and surpisingly many a times it does not rain in Mansoon!

  2. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

  3. Hi Ashish.
    Mbongo was indeed located near the equator, it's not really a city, more of a village, near Douala in Cameroon. I have the distinct feeling these same seasonal changes you talk about are also happening in subsaharian africa.

    @Amy: I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean with PO

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Hallo Lauke, hope you get well soon. What happened to your gardener, is it serious. Hope he will be back soon to take care of your beautiful garden.Mam