16 March 2010

Yay for the virtual world

I just had to share this. If it wasn't for the web... I think I would have gotten sick and tired of being here a while ago. At least since I have internet at home, I can have real conversations about the things that move me with interesting people.
Living in a small community, in a remote part of the world, far far away from civilisation can get very lonely, and even worse, very very boring. But having internet, I can now overcome that problem.
If I feel like shopping, I can go online and browse any type of store I like.
If I want to have a conversation, I can open msn or Facebook and chatter away. Looking for some info or support, just a few simple clicks and off I go. The virtual world is my oyster!

Now, I have to admit, even though I've been online ever since I was 16, I've only really started picking the fruit that is social media... Less then a year ago, I joined Facebook and ever since... no kidding, my life has really changed. (Now I don't want to propagate Facebook, they have serious flaws... but still)
I tapped into a faboulous onlne community of mostly women with the same philosphy of life we live by, and my life hasn't been the same since.

So to those who say internet is bad and doesn't add valuable things to life... you are doing it wrong!