11 March 2010

Not So Lazy Sunday Routine

I've noticed we've been establishing this wonderful routine on Sundays. This is how it goes:
The little girl wakes us up, around 6.30 or 7 in the morning. We put the dog outside for his morning pee and start cooking breakfast. Most often it is scrambled eggs, omelette or pancakes/some juice/fruit and chicoree for me.
We take our time eating breakfast and chatting away. Then we asses the situation.
If both our little critters are very active, we'll go off on a walk (and end up carrying both of them to get back), which last about an hour or so, sometimes we stop by our neighbors' house.
If they are too tired, we will just chill in front of the TV and watch some TV series on DVD until 11.
At 11 or 11.30 we drive to Béréby and have lunch at Jardin d'Italie, mostly pizza and mousse au chocolat. And then we are off to La Baie des Sirènes for the afternoon. We spend our time there swimming with the daughter and the dog (who really likes swimming in the ocean nowadays), building sandcastles, playing in the shower. On most occasions, another family will join us and the kids will play together in the sand.
Those are the most wonderful Sundays, that leave us completely recharged for the week.
What's your routine?


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    My God, isn't this a most wonderful life. I'm so happy for you that you can do this . The pictures are beautiful and it's amazing how big the dog already is.Love u all.Mam

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  3. I'm sorry Daniel, the comment form on this blog is just the standard one we get from blogger... So I'm not quite sure what you mean