01 April 2010


We have the most amazing dog. It's a boxer and he's now 6 months old. His name is Ion (you can find pictures of him in my previous posts). Having that sweet little creature now makes me smack myslef over the head for having doubted about getting a dog for so long.
I used to have a dog when I was still living at my parent's, he stayed there after I left home (when I went to university, which is a long time ago). He died while I was pregnant with DD. It was a West Highland White Terrier. For those who know little about dogs, that's a rather small white breed with pointy ears and long hair. He also was a marvelous dog, but stubborn and very intelligent (apparently most Terriers are, as I found out a while ago).
But back to Ion. At six months now, he is completely house broken. He goes out in the yard unattached and comes back when we call for him. He is extremely energetic, but not demanding. If I don't go for a walk with him one day, he doesn't get frustrated, and if I do all the better.
When we go out to the beach, he would swim and play with us until he drops.

I had always wanted to get another dog, but we kept putting it off. Wondering what we would do when we went on holiday (well duh, we'll take him with us), how he would cope with the continuous moving, if it wouldn't be too much work...
We've been idiots! If anything that precious dog is the best companion my daughter will ever have. The two of them are like two peas in a pod. You cannot imagine what she puts him through (her latest thing is riding horsie), yet he takes it with calm and patience and moves away if it is too much for him. When she goes out, she calls for him and he comes. He walks next to her, sits when she tells him too... You have to see it to believe it.

We are so happy with that silly dog that we've decided we're getting a second one as soon as he reaches adulthood. I tell you, we're going to end up being the three sheep five dogs two cats, seven goats, chicken and cameleon type family... But I don't mind. (Oh and a Brady Bunch amount of children, of course!)

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