24 June 2009

The rainy season

It finally started raining a couple of weeks ago... So far so good, we still get some dry moments in between the rains, we still get to see the sun every once in a while. Maryam says the most difficult period is July, there it rains two weeks non-stop. It all seems fine to me (moreover this time we won't be here), I think after last year in Cameroon I can put up with any kind of rainy season and be happy with it.
As every year, we had been longing for the rainy season to come... You can feel it in the air, the waiting... The air gets heavy and dry and hot... The animals start getting impatient and trees and shrubs start looking sad. And once it kicks in, life takes up the pace again.
Funny how thing change so much during the rainy season. There are places you wouldn't recognise. Entire valleys become lakes. I have this hedge surrounding our garden, which was a kind of sad green not so special hedge. Now the rainy season has started, new white and pink leave have grown and it's become a very pretty sight indeed!
Then there's this big tree in my garden (I've posted some pics of it here before) it had these very pale pink blossoms, which now have become candy-cane pink.


  1. To funny... But don't bring the rain... leave it in Cote D'Ivoire thank you...


  2. Ha well, you see now why Ireland is such a beautiful green country all year round... No wonder it's ok not to show up in the office when the sun shines brightly, take the chance when you get it, the sun is a perfectly valid reason you can only come up with a couple of times a year anyway :-D

    Enjoy your holidays!!