22 June 2009

I love my garden!!!!!!

We've been eating only home-grown salad for two weeks now, and are also becoming self-sufficient in herbs. We'd eat salad every day, since it is so delicious!

One of our little basil plants (this is two weeks ago, by now, the leaves are 5cm long!)

Last week, we suddenly heard a muffled scraping sound. We went out to see what it was and found that one of our big 'palmiers du voyageur' had fallen. It's still there... grr waiting until the cleaning team comes for it! Luckily it didn't fall on any of my new acquisitions! (Which are thriving by the way, only one plant died)
I suspect my gardener is secretly building his house in front of mine. When I asked him about it, he said it was to have a climbing plant to grow over it. If he had only build it sound enough to become a pergola...