23 June 2009

10 things... Part Two

Ten things I'll miss when we're in Belgium (actually I wonder if I'll be able to come up with ten, knowing myself, I probably will).
1. All the yummie fruit
2. Being able to have a huge beach all to ourselves
3. My vegetable patch... Just now it started giving delicious salads, we're leaving. I just hope the tomatoes etc won't have come out before we get back (I have no idea how long it takes a tomatoe to grow... I'm so ignorant!)
4. a 28 degrees swimming pool (all to ourselves)
5. Maryam... this more for little Aini. She's so good with her, my heart starts bleeding when I think about leaving here! Maybe I shouldn't think about that and take each day as it comes? The way we live is so much about meeting people, getting along, which is very exciting, but then we have to leave them. Sometimes it's fine, you're happy with it and can go on... but sometimes... As I said, I'm not ready to think about that. I'm getting teary eyed already when I think of the people we leave behind all the time.
6. Had to think about this one for a while... The meat! We get the most delicious meat. When you eat that, you're wondering what the hell we're eating in Europe!
7. And the fish, crayfish etc... nothing beats freshly fished straight to the plate! Ah we're such spoiled people when you cone to think about it!
*more thinking going on*
8. Living without having to keep a schedule... Yep, it's a reverse world for us... The holidays is the period our organisers are packed to the max!
9. Our tailor, because I'm sure when I'll go shopping in Europe, I'll get so frustrated again, that I'll find myself lucky to have been able to have some things custom made before leaving on holiday.

Really can't think of anything else now... All things considered, I think we won't have too many regrets for leaving for Europe this holiday (Exept for the food. That's one thing I can't grasp, There's so much choice, too much choice in Europe, and you end up eating boring things that taste like nothing all the time... At least it's red fruit season! Here there's practically no choice and we eat like kings - although I wonder if Albert eats this well)

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