16 June 2009

10 things...

Ten more days, and we're off to Belgium... Every time I wonder: what am I most eager to return to? What do I really have to do, eat, see...
So here goes, ten things I'm eager to go back to Europe for:
1. tumbledried towels, because I'm sick and tired of giving myself a scrub every time I dry my face.
2. americain. Every time!!
3. shopping. this too seems to be a constant... after 4 and a half month of deprivation! And there's also every time so many things you need that you just can't find here.
4. Strawberries! and lots and lots of them
5. plattekaas (don't know how to translate that, but I've never been able to find it, not here, not in Cameroon, and I'm such a plattekaaslover)
6. Eating outdoors. Even though we're more spoiled then in Cameroon when it comes to sitting outside, it's just not the same as in Europe, where you can have dinner outside, and sit there with some candles even after nightfall...
7. Civilisation in general (even though I do know it stresses me out after a few minutes, sometimes even when arriving at the airport, but this time we'll be enjoying civilisation in remote parts such as Cluny and Koekelare, that should be less of a shock)
8. of course (you were all thinking I was going to forget this, weren't you) Family
9. and friend. This time I really want to make an effort in seeing some of our friends, because last holiday, we kind of screwed that up
10. Believe it or not, I've saved number ten for our medical visits, I'm eager to find out how much Aini has grown, what she weighs...

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