25 June 2009

Leaving on a jetplane... don't know when I'll be back again...

Last day before the holidays today! And boy, am I happy to be leaving. Five and a half months is just too much! So we're leaving tomorrow in the morning for San Pedro Airport, where we'll take our dearest Sophia Airlines to Abidjan. We're spending the afternoon in Abidjan shopping and in the evening, it's off to the Airport for our flight to Belgium.
So actually, holiday starts this evening when David comes back from work. Even though I'm super prepared and almost everything is already packed up, I'm a little bit nerveous. Mostly I think because I just can't wait to be tonight... Even though we're on a very tight schedule, I'm looking forward to this holiday, I think it'll be lots of fun. We've got quite some thing planned: 10 days in Cluny with my parents, 10 days in the South of France with my in-laws. Some shopping, some medical visits, some friends in between (that was the hardest part... apparently we're all on a tight schedule... so funny! Just a couple of years ago, we had all the time of the world and it just wasted away!).
Once again, I will try to post something every now and again, but every time that has proven to be quite hard... So until that time... Good night and Good Luck!

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