12 May 2009

something to read

It’s been a while since I have really written anything. There’s a simple explanation for that: I simply have been too busy. Seems odd, I know, but ever since the third expat woman (Francoise) has arrived, I’ve been horseback riding every day for about two hours. We go to San Pedro together once a week to do the shopping, and I often spend the afternoon on the internet. The rest of the time I pass editing our photo albums. Since our weekends are quite packed, I have a lot of pictures every time, so that creates a lot of ‘work’.
Furthermore, I got quite frustrated, because I have been blogging a lot lately, and I never get any comments. I do know a lot of people seem to read this, but when you don’t get any feedback whatsoever, you start questioning what’s the use anyway. So please, if you are reading this, try to make an effort of leaving a comment every now and then.
Every weekend, we go out, and discover more beautiful beaches each time. We take our picnic, have a meal, go swimming, walk… We really spend some wonderful moments.
This weekend, we went to the beach where there used to be a cabana from SOGB, but now, it’s in ruins. We also took a look at the place where the Dodo river spills into the ocean. I think we’re going to come back with some camping equipment after our holiday, because we would like to spend the weekend at the beach.
We did some serious 4 wheel drive on the beach to get to the Dodo, and on the way back, I got in the back of the pickup with Francoise, which was splendid. People pay good money for safaris, but they won’t experience something like that.
The beauty here in Cote d’ivoire, is that when you go to a ‘plage sauvage’, most frequently, you are really alone here. Exept for some lost local passing by, there’s nothing but miles and miles of deserted beach.
Quite funny though! We go out of our way to live in a country as less civilized as possible, and then we search for the most deserted beach in the weekend.

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