26 May 2009

Burning down the house

About a week ago, I took control of our gardening projects and started terrorizing our gardener. It all started because I wanted to put some plants in my house. I went to a spot where they sell plants. I went back there with Francoise, who is a big plant-lover, and ended up buying a lot of stuff to plant in the garden, as well as some interior plants. Then off course, the plants needed planting!
So I took my gardener by the hand (he had been working for us for over two months, and I think he needed some structuring, because he was always running around in all directions, not doing a great deal!) and took him for a stroll in the garden, all the while pointing at where he had to plant my acquisitions.
I ended up pointing out all the work he had been neglecting: trimming hedges and bougainvillea’s, cleaning up fallen branches and logs of wood… The poor guy didn’t know what hit him.
During that walk, I also pointed out a heap of litter laying behind our house and told him that couldn’t stay that way, because it doesn’t look good and so he had to get rid of it… burn it or something.
Last week, he took action and burnt it where it lay… three meters from the house! As it was quite a big pile of rubble, we were very afraid the house might catch fire. So the gardener had to stand next to the fire and hose down the edges, since it was to big of a plot to put out. Still, in the morning I noticed it was still simmering.
And even though David had a serious talk with him about the danger of lighting a fire so close to the house, a few days later, he had lit it again, because everything hadn’t burnt.
This proves again that you have to be very careful about what you say and always think two steps ahead.