26 May 2009

puppy love

Our little daughter already has an admirer. He’s the son of our neighbor and is called Jetty. Apparently, he’s always whining to his mom to come and see Aini, and so every once in a while, their cook takes him over. Every time he comes along, Aini is really excited and cries out to him. She’s starting to walk a little, and when the boy comes, she runs and hardly holds my hand to get there!
The problem is that the little boy is scared of me… so when I’m here, he doesn’t want to stay. Probably, he has never seen a white woman before, or very few, since all of them were evacuated here before the war, and that was before he was born (I was the first to arrive at the plantation ever since the war).
The first time she stood alone was at the beach. I was going for a walk, and suddenly, I heard her cry out to me. I turned around, and there she was, standing on her own, waving at me with her two hands. She’s doing that more and more often lately, so I think she’ll be walking soon. This weekend, she already took two steps by herself.