26 April 2007

Garden of Eden

We've discovered a whole new part of our garden yesterday. We already thought it was rather huge, but now it's quite frankly giant. We've got a small pepper plantation ( I mean the hot small variety) in the newly discovered part, a guava tree, some corrosol trees (that's the fruit I was talking about in an earlier post), more physalis, a couple of papaya trees and something my gardener calls plums... But I can hardly imagine that will be the same plums as ours (and David thinks they're water apples). Aber has already started working on what will soon be our little vegetable patch and he's planning to get all of the high grass out of the way (whitch is one hell of a job, if you can imagine that the garden had been abandoned for more than a year and that he's started working in it just a week before David arrived).
If kind of got myself a little function here (not payed or fulltime or anything, just as a pass time, you could say). David's factory needs to have some landscaping done. I should say before I go further that, eventhough most of the gardeners are quite good workers, they don't have any sense of structure, order or esthetics, so what happens is they just plant all over the place, whenever they've got something that's ready to be planted. It's quite frustrating, because it's kept up very nicely but it always looks like chaos.
And that's where I come in. I kind of had to design the garden and say which plants go where and now I go over there whenever they're planting something to make sure it's according to plan and that they plant it straight and keep the right distance between plants etc.