11 October 2006

Wedding pics part 1

Ok, I've called this part one in the hope of getting more pictures sent to me in the next couple of days, becuse these are the first ones I've seen so far and I'm extremely curious.

Isabelle, ik hoop dat dit uw nieuwsgierigheid toch al een beetje kan onderdrukken!
Nic, nog s heel erg bedankt hé!

This one is taken just after my part of the speech (which wasn't all that big a deal), so at the very beginning of the dinner.

Our magnificent, gigantic, three-flavours wedding cake, from which I could only eat half a slice (why oh why did I put on such a tightly fitted dress!)

David and his mom.

David's dad and sister. Although not a big dancer, David's dad didn't leave the dancefloor for one second that night. He was going so completely wild, we started wondering if he had taken speed...