11 October 2006

Newspaper scandal

A while ago - I think it must have been somewhere last week - a Swedish newspaper published an article about the Holocaust which provoked a lot of commotion here in Sweden. The reason for this scandal was an advertisement by a gas company, saying how it is the most environmentally friendly energiesource, right underneath the article mentioned above... Talk about product placement!

Home sweet home

We took the plane coming back here two days ago. As we've become regulars on the Ryanair Charleroi to Skavsta flight, we use web check in (because the check-in at charleroi airport is hell, frankly) and so we can beat the boarding cue. As we were waiting to board, there was another Flemish guy behind us who had also used web check-in. "The joy of having a computer", he said to me. I nodded and answered that it was quite easy and less uncomfortable than the usual way. He said that, sadly, in Sweden he wouldn't be able to check in through the internet. I frowned and asked him why - apparently assuming that everybody lives in Sweden. As he said he wasn't sure he could print out bhis boarding pass in the hotel, I caught myself saying: "ah, but we live in Sweden". I was rather surprised about saying such a thing.

Some more remarks about the wedding

David had a headache for about two days after the wedding. It made us wonder about how quickly we lost our partying stamina. We would have never had so much trouble with getting into bed at three o'clock and drinking a couple of beers when we were 20... What will it be when we're forty if it goes downhill so fast!
Another fun fact that few of you know about: in the beginning of the party (somewhat after the speech), my nephews girlfriend came to me. She had to tell me something, she wispered, and took me off to a quieter place. David's pants was torn, she said, at the backside (yes, at his butt!). Because he always put his hands in his pockets, it became visible... And there was nothing we could do, because we didn't think about bringing needle and thread (whuy would we do that!)... So I told David to stop putting his hands in his pockets. He was so embarrased that he put on his jacket and ran around with hat until he was to drunk to bother.

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