10 October 2006

Apparently, we've got a lot more readers than we bargained for... But that's just fine, because it makes it worth while to keep writing.
We're back in Sweden since yesterday evening, and this should be the last visit. We should be back in Belgium by the 17th of october, if all goes well.

I haven't got any pictures from the wedding yet, so if anybody has some, please send them to me!! I would like to dedicate this blog to an overview of the wedding, but there's so much to tell, that I don't know where to start. Firts of all Isabelle and the two Jokes, it is such a pitty you guys could't be there, because it was truly magnificent. I had my doubts before, because it wasn't really what we had wanted, but it has proven to be really great.
I got to the hairdresser at 7.15 in the morning after a night of getting hardly any sleep. It was real fun and she did my hair just great. She used 3 pieces of 45 cm long hair!
My mom came to pick me up at about 9 o'clock and we left for Brussels around ten thirty. When we arrived at the hotel (we stayed at the Conrad) the photographer was already waiting for us, so we quickly went into the room and I started painting my face on... Nathalie arrived shortly after us and we had quite some fun getting on my dress and undergarments.
We were a little behind schedule. David was at the hotel before I could put on my dress. When I finally got to the bar I had to stop him from crying (I knew I would cry too, if he would and was afraid it would ruin my make up). My mom did cry (and she thinks I did not see it).
The server came to offer us a glass of champagne to congratulate us on our wedding, but we hadn't eaten anything until then and it quickly got to our head. And I had to pee, too, which was quite a task with the enormous dress I was wearing. I had to take Nathalie with me and couldn't close the door. It was very funny and Nathalie was sorry she didn't bring her camera to take a picture of that event.
While we were in the bar, a little girl came in with her mama. She gaspt for air whilst pointing at me and said: "look, mama, a princess..." (It wasn't the last kid that would say that during the day, so I think I achieved my goal!)
After taking some pictures in the bar (It was raining and we were waiting for it to stop), we went to the 'Justitiepaleis' and the Sablon. My brother joined us to drive the car and he was already wearing his tux. The kind with slips at the backside. So when we where walking round the Sablon, there was a couple sitting in a café. When the girl saw us she pointed us out to her boyfriend and said: "Look, how cute!" then my brother passed by and the uy want: "You see, it's not for real!". When finally the photographer passed by thay were startled and didn't know if it was for real or not. From there, the phototour lead to La Grand Place and the Galerie des Princes. We were so hungry we got some muffins at Haagen Das and got a discount! Later on we were eating that and a woman came up to us to ask us where we got them. When we were taking pictures in the galerie, another woman came to ask us if we were realy getting married or if we were just there for decoration.
We went to L'estaminet for a beer and got a standing ovation. I had to turn around to fully show my dress. When David went to pay the check, the man scribbled a smiley face on a piece of paper and said we didn't need to pay.
The time had come to get to L'abbaye de Forest, where the party would be. Eventhough we got lost driving there, we managed to get there before anyone else. Slowly people started arriving, but there was no sign of our photographer (we had dropped him off at his car and he would join us from there). In the end he got there and apparently was stuck in traffic for about half an hour.
And so the party started. The food was great, everybody looked lovely. But I could hardly eat anything, because I had a corset-like bodice on my dress, that restrained my stomach from expanding! We had a wonderfull five high wedding cake with all different flavours. Again, I only ate half of one piece, because it didn't fit in my dress. David did the most wonderfull speech.
It was over quite early, because there where elections the next day. I think we got into our bed at 3 in the morning.
That's about all I can think of. I hope to post some pictures later on.

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