07 September 2006

Swedish Fun facts
There's a refund for recycling plastic bottles and metal cans, about the same as we get in Belgium for glass.
Swedish people warm their houses and water with the heat they retreive from burning trash.
Passports and ID need to be picked up at the bank.

The lit sky I talked about in one of my earliest posts is no more. It gets pitchblack at night now. It even gets dark as early as eight PM.
David's machine is finally finished. Four days after the planned date. So work really starts now for him. We're still going to try to get the weekend off and visit Stockholm. Otherwise we won't have seen much of Sweden during the length of our stay.

There's not much else to talk about really. Life's quietly drifting further. I read a lot lately. Most of the things we still had to plan for the wedding party are coming together, mainly thanks to my mum.