26 September 2006

David's fun stories

Here's some things that happened to David while I was away

Last week David was hard at work when suddenly he heard a loud buzzing noise. He assumed something was wrong with his installation and started looking for a problem. While he was searching, he heard and felt a loud explosion and dropped to the ground, thinking that one of the machines had exploded. When nothing else happened, he got up from the floor to go into the office. Only to find out noone else was as shook up as he. During conversation, he found out the explosion was nothing more than the builders blasting away the rock to clear the area for the new construction. He tought to himself that he was very lucky that nobody saw him duck in fear of world war three.

The dissapearance of mr. wallet
Another story David told me.
Sometime last week, he suddenly couldn't find his wallet anymore. Since this is something that happens regularly, he didn't panic and assumed the thing was still sitting in his car. When he got to check the car, it wasn't there. He drove to work only to find out it wasn't here either. So he went back home and went trough the whole appartment again. No wallet. He decided to call cardblock the next day, that the thing was definately stolen or lost. When he got in his car the next day to drive to work, he noticed something lying on the ground next to his door.
Off course this was his wallet, that had been lying in the parking lot for two days. When he went through it he noticed there wasn't anything missing from it. Not even the money.
We're wondering if something like this is possible in Belgium.

The attack of the invisible door
This is something that happend a while ago, but we still have such a laugh about it that I decided to share it, eventhough David will kill me for it. He wanted to go from the office space to the factory which is separated with a door. He walked straight into the door, eyes open... How do you do that? Since then his glasses are totally crooked off course and he took quite a bump to the head.
When he told the story to Christian, one off the chemical engineers here, Christian said he too had done that several times? So what? They can construct bridges and planes and stuff, but they don't know you have to open a door before you can walk through it? Maybe that's something they should include in the university courses then...