05 September 2006

So we're back in Sweden. All the good intentions about keeping up the blog when in Belgium went down the drain. We were so busy back in Belgium that there was little time to write, with the last preperations for the wedding party and all. But we managed to do all we had planned, so I'm quite happy with that.
I've noticed there's some misunderstandings about our whereabouts. We were in Belgium all of last week and are now back here. I'll be here until the thirteenth or fourteenth of september, then I'll get back to go to Turkey. It's quite stunning the amount of planes I will have taken this year, I wonder if it's not even more than all the planes I had taken in my life before this time put together.
It's still bright and sunny here, but there's a strong northern wind that makes putting on a sweater mandatory. Everything is the same over here. they're still putting David's machine together (even though it had to be finished yesterday), which makes the time frame we're on rather narrow. But we'll have to manage, because we definitely need to get back home the first of october.

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