17 April 2009

Marie and Aldo

I promised a long time ago to talk about Marie and Aldo, who they are, how we met them, etc…
Actually, David met them through his boss even before I came to Cote D’Ivoire. They’re a retired couple, living in San Pedro six months a year for the past ten years. They’ve build a little house on the hill, overlooking the beach; with a splendid deck. This year, they added a ‘paillote’ on the rooftop and I can tell you, it’s wonderful lounging up there! Every time we went to San Pedro, we were welcomed like royalty. So, when David had some business there, he went and dropped me off, and came to have lunch at their house.
Since they were very good with Aini, and she adopted them immediately, they became kind of surrogate-grandparents.
But now they have gone again to France, only to come back in November.

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