06 September 2007

I know it's been a while since I have last been able to write something and I also know I have promised to write more often... There are some decent reasons for not blogging, though. First, David has a lot of work, because they're going to build a new part on his biofactory and since he is the boss he has to plan, make budgets... So he doesn't have a lot of time to bring me over.
Secondly, the internet office is always occupied and that makes me hesitant to come over.
Third reason: it's raining most of the time and then I cannot get to this office at all.
Last reason: there's not a lot going on so not much to write about.
Indeed, we are now experiencing the rainy season. It's not as bad or depressing as we imagind. It does sometimes rain two days in a row, but in a way, the rain here doesn't suck the energy out of you as it does in Belgium. Maybe because it's still kind of sunny most of the time and the temperature is still ok.
So what have I been up to the last couple of weeks?
Not much, as I already said. But I have been able to keep busy much more constructively than before we came to Belgium. So far I have been sewing a lot. We also painted one of our bathrooms and I try to see my friend as much as possible (which, quite frankly, is not a lot).
We were talking about setting up a shop in Edea... but we're not sure. Consumerism is non existant here, so it would be a struggle just to earn someting, and then there's still bills to pay, so we're still pondering if it would be worth our while. And then there's also the transportation problem since neither of us have a car to get to Edea.
But we will find a way to keep occupied (and maybe even make some money, while we're at it).

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