29 March 2007

For starters some pics from our garden

this is the strange fruit I talked about earlier. It is called corrosol

De annanas in ons tuintje
Onze banane plantaine
Front of our house

Some more Q&A

Who does the shopping over here?
I do. I try to do that once a week, but that’s not always possible. Not to worry; there’s a woman who delivers fish to our home, right out of the ocean and we’ve also found a fruit deliverer. And when all else fails, we still have plenty of things growing in our garden.
Kind of funny, though, you have to buy your chickens still alive and the gardener then kills them.
We need to buy everything in big amounts, because we never know when a car will be free to drive me to the market. We make lists and then we have to do as many supermarkets as possible, just to find half of what we needed.
Cooking is a rather creative process here. It’s not like at home where you can consult your cookbook when you’re out of inspiration and then you can just stop by the store to pick up whatever it is you need. We go to the market and buy everything that looks fresh. Then I browse through the cookbooks to see what we can make with what we’ve got. But we eat really well here. No wonder! There’s two of us cooking all day long!!!
I had a little chat with the gardener today and we’re going to start growing even more fruit and veg. Really easy here, I just collect the seeds from whatever we eat and he plants it for us… cross our fingers for it to grow.


  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Damn peoples, jullie lijken het ginder echt wel getroffen te hebben. Zo snel als financieel haalbaar sta ik eens aan jullie deur om de tuin te komen keuren. Prachtig, gewoonweg prachtig. Voor de rest hier kalmpjesaan in Elsene, net een ganse week werkloos geweest omdat er geen steentjes waren binnengekomen, maar blijkbaar zou dat vanaf maandag weer 100% verholpen moeten zijn. Best, want anders ga ik die vliegtickets ook niet meteen bijeengespaard hebben natuurlijk ;-)

    Hou jullie taai ginder, en als ge ni weet wat doen op ne zaterdagavond, spring gerust eens binnen :-D