24 September 2011


Lots has happened since I've last posted. I've beens struggling with this blog, and questioning wether to keep it or not.
We've moved, again! This time to DR Congo. Where we first lived in a community house and now in a small flat. We're gardening again and we live next to the river Kasai, so in the weekends we can go for a swim.

Congo is really hard. It's difficult to get food over there and there are no other women but me, so it's very lonely.
Finding decent personnel is nearly impossible, so we have decided to get an au pair from Canada.

In the meanwhile, I am six months pregnant. I got pregnant almost immediately upon arrival.

The past year we've spend lots of time in Belgium. This is actually the second time I'm in Belgium, and I only moved to Congo in March!

I promise to be back with pictures later on. Maybe I'll make this more of a picture blog than a text one.


  1. Hi Laura, good to read your blog after long time. Do post photos of Congo - but without text photos wont make much sense.
    Post photos of your baby as well - might be after 4 months :)

  2. Welcome back! I've missed reading your blog, pls. keep on blogging. I thought about you and your family when things were chaotic in Cote d'Ivoire. Congrats on being pregnant! Sorry to hear that you are lacking female companion ship in DRC. Take care and I'll check in again soon.