26 May 2010

Preparing for the holiday

It seems like ages since I've been here. I'm really neglecting this blog lately.
Well, I'm kind of busy just living life really and there hasn't been anything really exiting going on lately, so I didn't quite see the point in bugging you with everyday things. You must understand that to me, if I've stayed on one spot over a year... well everything turns kind of same old same old.

I have been working on an answer to Märy, which I will have up soon (now, maybe if I tell you this I will be forced to post it sometime soon)

I hate staying put this long, (we've been here for one year and three months - but who's counting) especially because I know this is not the place I want to settle... anyway, we kind of decided we're not ready to settle anywhere any time soon, so maybe there will be some changes in our lives in the near future.

Anyway, I just popped in to let everyone know we'll be on holiday from the 16th of June to the 14th of July.


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