13 September 2009


Having some more internet problems, resulting in no internet at the house since tuesday! So, here's a quick update.
David's superior from Brussels was here the past week... Sadly, we didn't get any security about where we're headed. We only know he's been included in next years budget, so we're all the lmess sure about when we'll be moving again. All the more reason to get the house in perfect condition! Gives us another excuse to have our new furniture made!!!
So yesterday we had a smallish party at the hubbies boss' house. We ended up dancing to 90s music until twelve! We had a jolly good time indeed! Haha!!
Aini has been sleeping in her own room since monday and she's doing really well. She only wakes up once at night now and she can even get herself to fall asleep every now and again.

On a sad note, our puppy (we had "reserved") was born on september 1st, but died shortly after. They should get another litter around the 28th so lets hope there's a male for us!

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