22 December 2008

Ivory Coast, here we come!

Now it is for sure: we're going to Ivory Coast. I didn't want to say anything before we were 100% sure. David will be leaving on the 19th of januari; and I will follow him two or three weeks later. Just to give him time to have all of our stuff arrive and get settled into our new house, because with a baby, it's not very easy to live in the case de passage.
I'm really looking forward to it. People have asked me if it didn't bother me to move yet again... The answer is no. I'm very happy to leave Cameroon and discover a new country. I had been wanting to move for a while now, so for me, this is the best thing that could happen to us. Especially because where we're going, there will be a pool, a tennis court and even horses! And we'll be just a 15 minute drive from the sea.
Now I think about it, it will be a long wait untill I can finally go... and I'm already so excited.

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