15 July 2008

Going home on the 17th

So, just this quick post to say we're all leaving for Cameroon in two days... Yes, indeed, Aini and me are leaving too... She didn't get vaccinated yet, since that's not possible untill 6 to 9 months and you can imagine I wasn't going to wait that long to get home.
Mixed feelings accompany us on the way home. On the one hand I'm longing to get home and finish decorating our house. I've also been waiting to finally get somewhat of a fixed daily ritme with my daughter and as usual I've gotten sick and tired to pack and unpack suitcases. On the other hand, going home means Aini won't see her grantparents and aunt and uncle for a while, and a few months is a lot in babytime... Moreover leaving for home will also mean isolation and while this had never bothered me before, now it kind of scares me... nowhere to turn to when you need help, you know...
I'll put on the latest pics of Aini in the next post.

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