09 May 2007

Happy housewife

At the risk of upsetting a few feminists, I hereby declare that I am completely and utterly happy because I have finally managed to put new lining paper in my kitchen cupboards. You cannot imagine what a relief!!! Before they were lined with just ugly and dirty wallpaper... Not very hygienic.
I think I must have done about seven stores to find lining paper though. Well, I've been looking for it for more then two months now.

And I must also add that I am quite happy with the programming on sattelite television. (FIY we've got canal Sat) I didn't quite like the fact that everything is dubbed in French, but it is true that you do get used to it. And there's always a good movie on, at any time of the day. And we can still follow most of the shows we were watching in Belgium (exept for Cold Case).
It did get quite annoying during French presidential elections though!